Vacuum Trucks (General):
Pump out and dispose of contaminated water (Hazardous and Non-Hazardous) to a licensed disposal facility on uniform manifests that we provide.
Poly tank pump out and crew to clean the tank for return to manufacture.
Dewater tank excavation holes.
SB 989 sump water pump out
Hazardous and Non-Hazardous drum pump out with drums remaining on site for reuse.
Car wash clarifier pump out & cleaning.

Vacuum Trucks (Monitoring Wells):
Dedicated 70 bbl trucks with all of the latest equipment to accurately pump out water from monitoring wells.
All trucks come with 80 gallon gauge tanks with a sight tube to monitor gallons every five gallons.
All trucks come with in-line sampling device to allow tech to take samples from water while continuously pumping.
All trucks come with well clamp and 1” PVC stingers to dedicate to wells so there is no cross contamination of fluid between wells.

Tank Cleaning:
Underground Storage Tank (UGST) and Aboveground Storage Tank (AGST) cleaning and removal per local jurisdiction requirements.  (Sizes ranging from 280 gallon tanks to 50,000 gallon tanks)
Proper manifesting of material to be done by us with verification of EPA # prior to arrival.
We use low flow, high pressure powerwashers to clean the insides of the tanks  and add a minimal amount of water to the waste, thus keeping costs down.
We provide the proper non-sparking equipment to safely cut inspection windows into tanks.
We can provide the certified industrial hygienist to certify tanks in the Los Angeles area.
We can provide the cranes to pull the tanks out of the ground as well as the trucks to haul away the tanks for destruction.
We have degassers to properly control the vapors of gasoline tanks per AQMD rule 1149. We are permitted in the South Coast AQMD, Ventura APCD, Santa Barbara APCD and San Luis Obispo APCD.
We can transfer clean fuels from one tank to another using a double diaphragm pump.
We provide all necessary documentation for disposal of the waste from the licensed disposal facility, destruction of the tanks from a licensed destruction facility and/or certification of the tanks from the certified industrial hygienist for closure reports.

Stinger Cranes:
We have 14 ton stinger cranes along with 40 foot flatbeds and 34’ dropdeck trailer to load and haul:
Various size underground storage tanks and aboveground storage tanks.
Various size vapor extraction units, carbon canisters and boiler units  
Setting of 36” and 48” box landscape trees.
Concrete signs.


  Other Services  
  Hazardous and Non-hazardous water removal  
  Above-ground and Underground storage tank service  
  Car Wash Clarifier Service  
  Monitoring Well Purging  
  Stinger Crane Service  
Tank Degassing


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